Jill Tobin – Broker.  Jill grew up in central Mo. She has a degree in nursing, and one day decided real estate needed to be her new journey in life.   Since taking a leap of faith in careers, Jill has received multiple awards from the LOBR and also received a Missouri’s top 10 award for 2018 and 2019.  Jill worked for, and was mentored by a Broker that has been in real estate for over 40 years.  She also has been giving a tremendous opportunity in the last few years to teach for Phil Gardner School of Real Estate and carries and above state average pass rate for her students.  Jill is passionate about the real estate market.  She saw a vision with Keith Strausser to formulate a company made up of agents that can offer multiple services in different locations to better serve our clients and customers.  We work remote often times so that our agents can have more time for you.     
314-540-7725 or at the Pivotal Real Estate and Investments office at 660-616-0225. She will be happy to assist you with all of your real estate needs.

Keith Strausser

Keith Strausser was born and raised in the small town of Welcome, Minnesota. It’s the type of place where everyone knows your business and everyone is a part of your life.  Like it or not!  In the summers, you grow beans, and in the winters you move snow. Hard work was just part of growing up in Welcome.  I became a business owner and owned an auto repair shop for 13 years. In the community, I served as city aldermen for two years as well as holding the honor as an eight-year veteran on the local fire department.

In 2005, I met a girl who changed it all!  She was in Columbia, MO and I was going there! I was ready for something new and exciting.  I decided to try my hand at real estate.  I went to real estate school, earned a license, and away I went to make millions!  The only problem was that I didn’t know anyone or really anything.  So I picked up a hammer and did what I was good at doing.  I can fix just about anything, and Columbia needed a lot of fixing. I worked on rental property for many landlords during that time and eventually decided that I wanted to invest in real estate myself.

I purchased in my first flip house in 2007. The same year I started my own real estate company. By 2010, Together my wife and I flipped over two dozen homes and built some new student housing units for rentals. Today, we own several properties and continue to renovate homes. My wife and I currently have several companies all revolving around real estate in one capacity or another.

I watched the economy do some crazy things in the past decade, and I took notes. I like to share my experiences with like-minded people. My passion is to be able to mentor people in our industry who have that fire inside them to make real estate their opportunity and their income-producing future.

Give Keith Strausser a call at
573-268-7292 or at the Pivotal Real Estate and Investments office at 660-616-0225.


Shawna Neuner is a dedicated Columbia native who has been in the real estate industry for 25 years. She previously worked in Title Insurance before getting into the residential rental market. Shawna and her husband, Rick, started a group for real estate investors in the mid -Missouri area to create opportunities for networking and education. Shawna is currently the President of the Columbia Apartment Association, where she served on the board for three years. She holds the honor of an appointment to the Mayor’s Fair Housing Task Force.  Shawna is a leader in her community serving Columbia many capacities through youth programs and neighborhood events. Shawna earned her real estate license to help others who share her love for Columbia find homes or other investment opportunities. Let Shawna help you find your next home!

Give Shawna Neuner a call at 573-864-0437 or at the Pivotal Real Estate and Investments office at 660-616-0225.

Keith Strausser 1

Travis Lasater is passionate about his career and livelihood. He started in construction at an early age when he joined his family in the construction business. Since then, Travis has over 20+ years of experience in building and flipping homes. He possesses a strong knowledge of building codes and ethics and ADA modifications along with a keen eye for quality craftsmanship. He grew his business based on word-of-mouth due to his personality of being an honest, trustworthy person who provides high-quality services. Travis openly advises, advocates, and donates time and materials to people in the community as well as his family and friends. In his free time, he enjoys being with his family, going to the lake, and attending music venues. As a Missouri native, he is familiar with the state’s rural and urban communities. His background provides the perfect foundation for finding that ideal home, which can come along at any pivotal moment.    

Give Travis Lasater a call at 573-819-3040 or at the Pivotal Real Estate and Investments office at 660-616-0225.

Tracy Moll

Tracy Moll is originally from the Columbia, Missouri area.  He moved to Florida to attend college and ultimately became a licensed real estate agent. Tracy worked with buyers, sellers, and investors to find their dream homes as well as great additions to their investment portfolio. He eventually led the property management department of a large real estate brokerage in Florida. Tracy and his family moved back to Columbia, Missouri in 2015 for career changing opportunities.  Tracy obtained his Missouri Real Estate License and can’t wait to help you find that perfect property.

Give Tracy Moll a call at 813-841-1462 or at the Pivotal Real Estate and Investments office at 660-616-0225. He’ll be happy to assist you with all of your real estate needs.

Jasmine Peoples, and her husband, Austin, married in June 2018 and have two handsome little boys that keep them both very busy. They flipped their first home together in 2016. This is when Jasmine realized she would love to pursue a career in real estate. She’s excited for the opportunity to help other families live their dream in owning their own home. She will be joining an MLS soon and can’t wait to help you find that forever home that suits your needs! 

You can reach
Jasmine Peoples directly at 573-569-5396 or at Pivotal Real Estate and Investments at 660-616-0225.

Duncan Galen is native to the Columbia area. Duncan has a passion for helping others, and enjoys learning new things. He started a small business when he was 16. He was also, one of the few to have completed a Wakonse fellowship. Its an award-winning intensive leadership camp, sponsored by the University of Missouri. Duncan is a true entrepreneur at heart. He’s grown up around the world of real estate. Eventually he decided he would like to help others, purse their dream of home ownership, or trying their hand in investment properties. He is excited for the opportunity to help you with all your Real Estate needs. 

Give Duncan Galen is ready to show you around. Call him directly at 573-808-5180 or call him at the Pivotal Real Estate and Investments office at 660-616-0225 


 Ashley Miller and her husband have bought and flipped properties for many years. Ashley’s husband Andrew builds custom homes in the Centralia area. Ashley is a dedicated mom of 2 beautiful little girls and devoted wife. Family is important to her. Ashley knows, anyone can buy and sell property, but she’s excited to help her clients find their HOME. We’re excited to add her to our Pivotal Real Estate and Investments company. We strive to make sure we can help you with all of your real estate needs.

Call Ashley Miller at 573-881-6726 or call Pivotal Real Estate and investments office at 660-616-0225


 Brandon Vogel is native to the Marshall area, but resides in Columbia, Mo. with his wife. Brandon owns a construction company, and has been excited to expand his experiences with Real Estate. Brandon can’t wait for the opportunity to help you with all of your real estate needs. He will be servicing the Columbia and surrounding areas.

Call him today at 660-815-4691 or at the Pivotal Real Estate and Investments at 660-616-0225

Eric Fredrickson Photo

Meet Eric Fredrickson. He is excited to introduce himself to Sedalia, Mo. as your next local real estate agent with Pivotal Real Estate and Investments. 

He has lived in Sedalia for 43 years. He enjoys nothing more than giving back to the community. He embraces his town the same way it embraced him so many years ago. Eric married his beautiful wife Sarah 14 years ago. Life blessed them with 3 incredible children and they couldn’t be more proud. Eric tries to always set a good example for his kids by getting involved with community where needed. He has coached youth football for several years in Sedalia. Watching the youth of Sedalia grow, build confidence, and succeed through their hard work is what fuels him to carry on. Coaching

and mentoring is a passion of his and a wonderful gift he is blessed to be a part of. Besides spending time with family and coaching football, Eric is a motorcycle enthusiast and an avid rider. Sales and customer service has been a part of his life since high school. He enjoys working with people from all walks of life. Providing a good customer service, expressing his work ethic, determination, and showing his compassion for others is what drives him. Ironically, he was given the nickname “Beef” by his peers as a child due to his bull-like personality displaying dedication, determination, and drive to finish whatever is placed in front of him. Let Eric display to you what he’s all about and he will give you full effort to finish your deal. If you are selling, he can market your property and will do so to the best of his ability. If you are buying, he WILL help find you the home of your dreams. Allow Eric to EARN the title of your “Favorite Local Agent”;. 

For all your real estate needs contact Eric at 660-473-7227, or call Pivotal Real Estate and Investments at 660-616-0225 

Meet Kristn McLaughlin.
 Kristn loves to travel, explore and be outdoors. She has a pioneer spirit and is not afraid of a challenge. She is tenacious until she finds the right solution. She comes from a medical and insurance background and loves working with people. She not only loves working with people, but for people. Her strong moral compass drives her ethically while protecting peoples rights and freedoms. Over the years, she has acted as patient advocates and once lobbied a major Airline to change its policies and procedures to be compliant with the ADA, to allow persons with disabilities to travel under better conditions and be treated fairly.

Kristn is passionate about Real Estate and helping people either find their dream home or sell their home. She is not afraid of getting into the weeds, asking questions and making sure her clients are protected. When you are ready to take that big step into the unknown world of Real Estate, let Kristn be a tenacious pioneer leading you on your next exiting adventure.

Its easy to remember Kristn’s unique name and spelling, its one of a kind like she is. Call Kristn with Pivotal Real Estate and Investments at 573-415-9751 or at 660-616-0225 or email: kriswithpivotal@gmail.com